Anyone who frequents our forums will know of BBQ Bob and his distinctive style, and one or two eagle-eyed posters noticed his sudden transition to purple-ness earlier this week. The reason behind this? BBQ Bob now has his own column, hosted here on WCoD!

Yes, “They’re Drudges, not Cowboys” is now with us! Join BBQ Bob for his inaugural column, as he speaks about the recent changes and future direction of… cooking!

The simple rations have a better stamina/burden ratio than stamina elixirs, and they are cheaper. A bit quicker, too, restoring ten points more stamina.

The elaborate rations’ ratio is worse than stamina elixirs. They are cheaper, and do restore quite a bit more stamina each piece, but speed isn’t a high priority for stamina restoration, at least compared to health… I says.

And then there’s Wah Chon’s winter lager, it beats ’em all for burden. Quite a bit pricier, and not nearly as fast, but still much more stamina for burden.

Plus you get to play drunk.

BBQ Bob’s entire column can be found here: Attacking Turbine (or) Because I Had No Better Ideas.

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