Asherons Call: Thistledown Global


Alanna Mosvani of Thistledown sent us this:

Global on Thistledown:

Lead by Mgrauleshk, a Guruk Gorefiend, the Burun storm the Temple of Izji Qo. The portal gateway in the matron’s crypt has become active and the Burun have stormed a receiving chamber containing a sealed portal. Mhrauleshk and his force will break through the wall and activate the portal beacon, bringing the Burun masters to Dereth unless they are stopped within ninety minutes.

The portal at the end of BM5 is now active.
It takes you to a chamber where you must choose whether to go PK or not.
Only those who go PK can venture forth.
You choose between defending and attack the Burun and there’s a BIG fight going on in the chamber now =)

Sounds exciting!
Moments later…

“One voice, no more. One vision, no longer. A thousand hosts upon the world shall spread like the thundering tide. Chaos shall sweep where once order stood. Entropy will swallow creation and all will be cast in the shadow of eternal darkness. Our way is pure, our way is the relevance of the coming dark, our way is the way of sweltering heat when the sun shall rise no more and the moons cease their passing in the sky.”

Blood from Zedjin has been sacrificed to the Portal Beacon in the Temple of Izji Qo. As the beacon surges to life, pungent fumes and the damp air of a swamp filter into the receiving chamber. Mgrauleshk finds his way to the side of the first Burun master to cross the vast divide!

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