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Bad Luck
Bad luck part II

So I buffed up and had Fist make a portal for Owanda to the Hollow Caves. The run down was a little hairy but I got there with a minimum of de-buffs. I plan to spec’d magic defense with him someday and make the trip easer.

When I got there I found a few hunters. These were your normal everyday people that had not let greed overcome their manners. We all moved apart and fought what attacked us. It was smooth, simple and enjoyable.

I had a touch of a surprise. The first Olthoi to attacked me, I swung and it died. Humm, a one hit crit, nice. Next one, swing, die. Two crits in a row? Everyone that attacked me died to one swing. I even lowered the strength bar to three fourth and was getting most kills with one swing. In other words my 70lv mace can kill Olthoi, at least these, as fast or faster than an archer.

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