Asherons Call: Turbine Nation and ACPL Tickets

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Ibn sent over this reminder about tickets to Turbine Nation and the ACPL:

Howdy folks! Just wanted to let you know that tickets for the ACPL — the Asheron’s Call Player Luncheon event at Turbine Nation — will only be on sale until Monday, August 2.

While you can buy tickets for Turbine Nation at the door on August 7, tickets to the ACPL will not be available at the door. If you want to eat lunch with the live team and expansion pack Devs, get your tickets now! They’ve been selling like hotcakes and they may sell out!

Also a reminder — the deadline for our Make-a-Monster and Make-a-Movie contests is midnight EDT this Friday. We’ve already received many excellent submissions — if you’re interested, be sure to enter before the deadline!

See you at Turbine Nation!

Alex Beckers
Asheron’s Call 1 Online Community Relations
Turbine Entertainment Software

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