In edition two of Polymath’s Blade, Enishi Yukishiro of Solclaim reminisces about “Misadventures of Yesteryear“. Then in edition three of Polymath’s Blade: “Villamania“, Enishi details the trials and tribulations of purchasing a Villa with the help of his Asheron’s Call playing family.

To those who have read prior Enishis, it is at this point obvious I live in an Asheron’s Call household. My parents play, I play, it is a jolly good time.

Curious as to what had transfixed my mother and myself, my father started up a test character. I rolled him up a swordsman on Solclaim and away he went. This went so far that we all ended up moving from Morningthaw to Solclaim, although I wonder to this day why the two moved for the one. He pulled a fast one on us.

Two very good reads, check them out!

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