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Status update, with some unfortunate news.

We attempted to continuing using the existing server cluster for these five worlds but ran into additional problems and database corruption on Verdantine.

The decision has been made to migrate these worlds to the brand new server cluster that had been earmarked for the other four AC1 worlds. It is a bit of good timing that the cluster is up and ready and was in the final phases of load testing this week. The other four worlds will remain on their current cluster until, at minimum, we determine what caused today’s problems.

The current status of the five worlds that are down: Due to the database corruption that continues to occur, it is unfortunately necessary to roll back all five worlds to the backup that was made at approximately midnight last night.

We expect the restore to be finished and the worlds to be back up shortly after 12:30 Pacific tonight — 3:30AM Eastern time, 7:30AM UTC.

We’ve begun discussing a rollback recompense similar to what we’ve previously announced for TD, LC, FF, and SC. More details on this will follow later this week once we’ve got a handle on the total impact.

We apologize again for this unexpected downtime and rollback. As I said, we’ll be posting more details about some sort of in-game recompense in the near future.
Alex “Ibn” Beckers
AC1 Online Community Relations

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