After arriving at the Rithwic Festival Grounds, I spoke to Nuhmudira, Antius and Elysa.

Nuhmudira tells you, “We must remain vigilant and strong. We have another dose of the poison… Perhaps we can find another way to create more without the need for the lesser queens. I shall begin work on thatwhen I am given leave to do so.”
Nuhmudira tells you, “Perhaps you shall be the one to coat your weapon this time. Such a victory would give scribes a reason to sing praises of a new hero, no?”
Nuhmudira smiles.
Nuhmdudira tells you, “You have done well, child. This will all be over soon, worry not. I will see that nothing happens to our home.”

Antius Blackmoor tells you, “I see that you have faired much better than Elysa. I am beside myself over what occured. I was so sure that each hive was nearly the same as the other. I could–I’m sorry.”
Antius lowers his voice to a whisper.
Antius Blackmoor tells you, “I believe that Nuhmudira might know more than she is letting on. I heard some of the statements that she made when others were handing her the glands. I am beginning to wonder how sincere her statements were. Perhaps the venom that she laced into them was not meant for the Olthoi Queen. I–I don’t mean to sound as though I see a conspiracy here, but I know that those hives were not so densely populated.”
Antius Blackmoor tells you, “Regardless, you have performed a great service to Dereth, and your fellows. You should be recognized for your efforts. Speak to High Queen Elysa, she will see that you are given a fitting honorific.”

High Queen, Elysa Strathelar tells you, “We entered the hive expecting that it was a lesser queen. We knew that it would be a difficult fight no matter what waited for us beneath the surface. When we arrived, the fungal bloom nearly overwhelmed us; stinging vapors and painful spores ate their way into our lungs. We made our way through the mire and pushed downward into the vast pits of bubbling acid.”
High Queen, Elysa Strathelar tells you, “Grubs swarm in that putrescence, feeding off the remnants of less fortunate creatures. The stench of death and decay nearly overwhelmed our party as we pushed into the first of the large rooms. There, a throbbing nest issued forth hundreds of warriors, set upon a singular goal of ridding us from the world.”
High Queen, Elysa Strathelar tells you, “Our numbers held, the lugians provided an impressive bulwark, while the Aun and Royal Guards assailed the olthoi from afar, and maintained the health of our forward warriors.”
High Queen, Elysa Strathelar tells you, “Pressing deeper, we found the numbers of the Olthoi thinning; ona stood at our rear while Aun Aualuan beat their drums to ward us against Wharu. We descended for what seemed an eternity. Corpses of drudges, renegade tumeroks, Gotrok lugians, banderlings and other creatures were piled in rooms. Fungus grew from their chests, out of their mouths and through the lifeless sockets of their eyes.”
High Queen, Elysa Strathelar tells you, “Gurgling vents and acid pots echoed through the otherwise soundless halls, threading fear into each footstep that fell in the quiet darkness. When the attack came it was swift, deadly, and with such a ferocity that none knew what had truly occured.”
High Queen, Elysa Strathelar tells you, “She came out from the darkness spilling bile from her horrid jaws and spraying corrosive streams that -melted- our number. Panic began to set into our forces as humming wings descended from the high ceilings. Our forces held, stalwart and true. But when she opened her maw again, showering our number with that corrosive breath, men melted away to nothing before our eyes.”
High Queen, Elysa Strathelar tells you, “Somewhere behind me a scream cut the elder’s drumming short as an ona slammed into my back, knocking me before the queen. I scrambled through my pack and withdrew the concoction given to me by Nuhmudira.”
High Queen, Elysa Strathelar tells you, “One arrow, as before, doused in certain death for her kind, and fueld by vengeance for those that she slew about me. One arrow, fired in rage, fired true into her eye. But there was no squeal, there was no sign of victory; only the heat of acid as it bore through my armor and singed my flesh. Guards groped at me and dragged me away from her swiping claws.”
High Queen, Elysa Strathelar tells you, “We breached the surface and Nuhmudira was waiting for us. I pray that you faired better than we did.”
High Queen, Elysa Strathelar tells you, “You have fought and beaten a mighty foe and are deserved of great praise. I would grant you the honorific “Warlord of Dereth”. Take this token. If you wish to change your title, hand it back to me.”

High Queen, Elysa Strathelar gives you Warlord of Dereth Token.
I honor your efforts Thamior, with the title, Warlord of Dereth!

So, for the people that aren’t IG or weren’t able to make it. That’s what’s going on from the front lines!

Other titles given: Guardian of Dereth and Hero of Dereth

Thanks Thamior for sending this to us and AC Vault!

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