These items we need a screenshot of the ID screen (with the icon):

Amorphous Lump
Commemorative Statue (Gromnie)
Commemorative Statue (Zharalim)
Fleshy Lump
Glowing Shroud
Granite Key
Green Marshmallow Eep
Hammer of Fire
Jaleh’s Slippers
Reedshark Slasher Hide
Ruined Amulet of the Spear
Scepter of the Mind
Sunstone Geode
Swamp Gromnie Toothpaste
Treated Mattekar Hide (Greivver)

These items we need a screenshot of the item hooked in your house, along with a list of the hooks in which they can be hooked:

Cookie Cutter
Creature Masks
Heart of Shadow
Martinate Trove Key
Master Key
Pyreal Nugget
Pyreal Nugget, Imbued
Racial Mask (Any)
Raeta’s Necklace
Undead Arm
Undead Torso
White Bunny Slippers

Also, if you know of something that is not in the compendium, but should be, then send it in. Send submissions to Quendor.

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