Lila Lila asks: Is it safe to apply ivory to a deed? I got a confirmation message about this item could be destroyed.
srand: Ivory will never destroy the item you are applying it to, but you won’t know if you can apply ivory to the item until after the confirmation window. Also, deed’s aren’t ivoryable anyway.

Da-Mage asks: (summarized) Regarding the statement in the LttP, does this mean they are not lowering the XP cache for vassal pass-up?
srand: did adjust the cache size down quite a bit, but that isn’t the kind of major change that usually makes it into the Letter to the Players. Look for it in the Build Notes.

Da-Mage asks: Is this change to missile range modifiers going to affect MONSTER missle attacks as well?
srand: I believe that this change to the range penalty does affect creatures’ missile attacks as well as players’. (Incidentally, when debating the effectiveness of missile defense, keep in mind that creatures vary the accuracy at which they launch missiles.)

Trai, Phergus and Sol Chen asked: (summarized) How will the new distance modifier for range penalty work, and why is it a percentage and not a flat amount?
Phergus: Going from memory, I believe the letter said that the current distance penalty was as much as -50% at max distance and that they would be reducing the penalty. I believe that 20% was tossed out. The problem, as identified in the letter, is that a 50% penalty is a big number at high skill levels. So they are going to reduce the penalty
srand: Confirms Phergus’ statement and says: If we had the time and resources, we might consider changing quite a few multiplicative effects into additive effects throughout the game. That seems unlikely in the near future, however, so we worked with what we had available.

Mfalcon asks: Is there any NPC that will give experience for the Plate Armoredillo Spines?
srand: Oversight. Fixed later. Sorry for brevity. Rather busy

Zare Candel asks: When will the Assault Quest redesign happen?
srand: Soon…

Sol Chen asks: Bug? No Masters Troves found anywhere in Osteth.
srand: It looks like they are supposed to be spawning in the southern mountains, but they do have much less of a chance to appear than a Directive Trove does. I’ll bring this up to Orion when he gets back (he’s home sick) and see if we can get them to be usefully common. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Center Mass asks: Why are there no mnemosyne darts for the Crystal Atlatls?
srand: This was indeed an oversight, and we will be adding the ability to craft Bloodletter, Fleshripper, and Soulrender atlatl darts soon — probably with the May update, because we are very close to our freeze date for April. In the meantime, however, please note that there is one type of ammunition available for these atlatls — you can trade crystal shards to Gersan the Sureshot in Uziz for crystal arrowheads, which can be used to make crystal-tipped atlatl darts. Indeed, we improved them slightly — each arrowhead now creates a full stack of 250 crystal-tipped darts.

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