Race of Legends is a race around dereth that consists of 20 locations/checkpoints. For each location you will be given a question on a website and the only way to get the answer and continue to the next location is by running there and finding the answer.

When: June 28th – 1pm PST (NEW DATE)
Where: Arwic Meeting Hall
Who: Everyone Levels 50+
Locations: 20
Difficulty: Beginner
Cost: Absolutely Nothing!
Prizes: TBD – Current Purse ( 75 smalls )
Hosts: Gekkonidae and Peerless

[i]How will this work exactly? [/i]

When everyone is ready inside the Arwic meeting hall I will announce a URL that you will have to alt-tab out of the game and visit. The race begins immediately after your checked in and you will be given your first location. For each location you will be given the location name, coords, closest town, and of course a question. Then you will either run to the location or use whatever portals you like in order to get there as fast as possible. When you have answered the question correctly on the website, you will be sent to the next location and question.. and so on and so on.

[i]How should I prepare for this race? [/i]

I would highly recommend you first getting yourself a tie to the subway. Since this is a beginner race, you will be able to get to almost all locations directly from the subway. You should also have a good understanding of the portal loop system between towns. You can print out maps online, use a decal plugin, or even AcExplorer. It will be critical that you are able to take notes on the locations/questions during the race so you don’t have to keep alt-tabbing back and forth between AC and the website.

[i]How long will this take? [/i]

There are a total of 20 locations in this beginner race and they are all fairly simple. I am guessing each location will take 5-10 minutes so the entire race could take around 2-3 hours to complete. If you have to log during the race, then please remember there will be many more in the future!

[i]Can I help donate prize money? [/i]

By all means this would be really great. The more donations I get, the bigger the stakes will be on the race and the more exciting everything will be. Please send me a PM with your donation and I will collect it as soon as possible.

Current Donations – Thank you!

Warhammers (10 smalls)
Tirador (10 smalls)
Jungle Souljah / Calaythea (20 smalls)
Stormcrow Grey (10 smalls)
Darian Mezzir-Garret (5 smalls)
Elles (10 Sings)

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