Al_neo asks : (Why is) why the diff on the (Weeping) wands is only 50 and on the weapons 180?
Ibn responds: It’s something that we’re looking at changing. No specifics at the moment, but we are aware of the discrepancy.

Trai asks: Does anyone else see the box in the south desert(in dires) named Wei Jhou on their map? Not Wai Jhou the swamp town, but Wei Jhou.
Ibn responds: That should be fixed in the next event.

Smoki_MagiCwb73 says: Celdon armor needs to be redisigned esp. girth.
Scenario responds: I do have some plans for armor, but no specifics or eta yet.

_Shang_ asks: Any plans to fix the dye-white amuli leggings color?
Scenario responds: it may get fixed in the future, but the fix won’t affect existing amuli legs.

Rojon asks: Does the miner’s hat act like a torch? If not, why not?
Scenario responds: It does not, because it is not in current tech to have a piece of armor cast light or use particle effects. The only armor that can do this is shields.

Kraine asks: Can anyone confirm the existance of Pyreal Eggs?
Scenario responds: Pyreal Eggs? I imagine that would make a pretty horrible omlet…

Illusion24 asks: (A bunch of questions about graphics upgrades.)
Scenario responds: (With a bunch of answers. It’s worth reading the thread.)

vn_ayreon asks: what happened to my failed othoi armors colors? Before it looked so awsome neon orange. but this patch it looks all nasty yellow orange?
Scenario responds: In August, there was an issue with the colors of the Olthoi Armor which would cause the gauntlet dyeable region colors over override the colors of certain parts of chest armor. I tried to make a fix for this, but it turned out that the fix wasn’t as much of a fix as I hoped it would be. Come October’s patch the Armor should be functional and will leave other armors intact. This includes the brighter orange colors of the failed dye.

Pyro-elf asks: Can we see bow strings return from beta?
Scenario responds: We cannot have models stretch or scale on the fly in our current engine. Also, wielded items cannot animate (this excludes Particle effects as these are added on top of the weapon model).

ElgarL says: PLEASE turn the skellies you get from fishing around 90 degrees. It’s silly to have them face the wall when hooked.
Scenario responds: Its an issue I am aware of and I want to correct. If it doesn’t get in for October it will be for November.

cepolgara asks: Harbinger Quest TIMER???
Ibn responds: It is not one time per character. The timer is longer than one month.

Jal-arac says: Virindi Servant’s Amulet cast Moderate Item Enchantment Aptitude on you, surpassing Major Item Enchantment Aptitude!
Ibn responds: Yeah… we had hoped to be able to squeeze the fix in for September but weren’t able to. Technically I can’t guarantee October either, as it could prove harder to fix than anticipated.

OgII_of_Meginjarder asks: (How about more pack space?)
Ibn responds: I would not expect to see increased pack space on a character anytime soon.

And one last one for the chefs out there:

luca_brazzi asks: Does Ginger and Nutmeg still spawn?
Ibn responds: At the moment, ginger is slightly harder to find than it has been, but both are still spawning on landscape.

Until next time… see ya on the boards!

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