I like winter.

The long nights, the short forgettable days…

The entire landscape blotted out and buried a good knee or two deep.

And when it’s really snowing, everything’s gone.

I like that I can comfortably wear my winter jacket; though there’s nothing especially winter-y about it, I don’t feel comfortable wearing it in the summer… that’s bad ’cause I don’t really feel comfortable not wearing it in the summer either.

I like walking barefoot through the snow. Not ’cause I’m especially comfortable doing that, but ’cause it freaks people out.

I like that I like the season everybody else seems to hate when they’re not getting presents.

I don’t even mind shoveling that much, when I’m not about done with it…

And I got a damn long driveway.

What, then, is wrong with Dereth’s winters?

When it goes gray, that’s plenty fun…

And the first few days after the snowfall are great. Novel.

After a month of this… I’m mentally suffocating.

It’s like an elemental invasion in my head.

Could be that it’s fake.

It doesn’t [I]feel[/i] like snow; it’s just white ground.

No drifts, no footprints, no depth, no shoveling NPCs…

The nights are no longer… (oh, a month of eerie @day night would be great, eh?)

I don’t feel the cold.

…other’n that time the door blew in during a blizzard and I didn’t notice for half an hour ’cause I was playing… that was atmosphere.

Though, and not that I don’t admire AC’s graphics, the green ground isn’t nearly that pretty…

And it’s all game snow.

Mario Brothers 2, world four, trying to kill those damn flurry bastards sliding across the ice…

Crono Trigger, damned Death Peak; if you’re gonna blow me off of a mountain, make sure I’m dead, ’cause I will waste the next two hours trying to get up anyway… and my cartridge battery failed once I did manage to get up there…

Animal Crossing, and those damn furry bastards that won’t return that videotape ’cause they’re in an igloo eating chowder for four days.

Metroid Prime, Phendrana Drifts, suicidal ice shriekbats who’s sole purpose in their ten-second life is to keep me from getting 100% of the scans.

Could be just me.

Probably is just me…

The in-game me isn’t the online me and sure ‘aint the real-life me.

I don’t know what that guy’s thinking.

We don’t…


An issue nobody cares about, a column nobody should have read.

I’m satisfied.

[b]–BBQ Bob[/b]

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