No, you’re not dreaming. Where In Dereth is around again. And this time we’ve brought a box full of monkeys with us. Literally.

If you’d like to win one of those fine and dandy primates then take a gander over to the Where In Dereth section of WCoD.

More specifically go look at this particular entry, the subject of our newest contest. For those of you that don’t know how this thing works, here’s a crash course:
Step 1: Go take a look at the most recently added Where in Dereth Image, this one.

Step 2: If you think you know where it is, then send me an email, either via that link or the one on the WiD archive page. Be sure to include your character name, the server you play on, and either the coordinates of the location or the name of the dungeon it was taken in. And, if you don’t know where the image was taken, go exploring and find out!

Step 3: Once you’ve emailed me with your guess, wait and see! I normally update WiD every week, and when I post a new one, I announce the winner of the last one and the location that the picture was taken. If multiple people correctly guess the location, I randomly chose the winner from the pool of correct answers.

For example, the last WiD was taken in the Murk Warrens Dungeon. Now, I know there are three of them, and I would have accepted any one of them as the correct location. However, Halaliel of Solclaim provided me with coordinates for all three of the locations! Congrats go out to them! And if anyone knows them, tell them to check their email for information about how to claim their monkey!

Good luck to you all, and get to exploring!

If you guys and gals have any questions about anything or would like to submit your own snapshot for Where In Dereth, feel free to drop me an email. Sorry, I won’t give out any hints!

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