I live! I…Sinistar! Err….sorry, wrong game.

But, I have returned from the deep scary place known as “Finals”. And I’ve brought with me a much belated edition of Where In Dereth.

First off, the winner of the last WiD is Govols of Frostfell! Yay! Congrats to you! Check your email to see how to claim your monkey!

Now, to this week’s Where In Dereth. You can find the image here. Once you think you know where it is, email me, or use the email link in the Where In Dereth archive, it all goes to me anyway. With your answer be sure to include your character name, the server you play on. Answers need to be submitted either as the name of the location or its coordinates if there is no set name. If more than one person answers a question correctly, the winner will be randomly chosen from all correct submissions.

And for a prize this week we have another MONKEY!

Good Luck! And I promise this next Where In Dereth will be on time!

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