Hail and well met fellow explorers!

It is time again for Where in Dereth. First, old business. Our last image came from a dungeon near a town that had recently undergone some major changes. Many thought that town was Arwic, but in reality it was Yanshi, or rather the ruins of Yanshi now. The dungeon was called simply “A Ruin” and the sole explorer to guess correctly was Moriah of Solcaim. Congrats go out to them!

Now to the new business. I recently completed a quest that has literally taken me years to complete. I captured this image during that quest. If you think you know what it is, email me. Be sure to include your name, the server you play on, and either the name of the dungeon, or the coordinates if its a map location. Winners are chosen randomly if there is a tie.

We also have an added bonus this time. Ophelea has secured a special prize for us! The Asheron’s Call Monkey!

Good Luck to you all!

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