asks: Composite bow/xbow update?
srand responds: The composite weapons are indeed on our list to upgrade, but because of the sheer amount of work they need (there are 144 different varieties of weapon right now, and we’d like to add atlatls), they are pretty far down the priority list.

asks: (What is the) Stam burn from shields?
srand responds: The stamina you burn when you attack with a melee weapon is modified by the burden of the weapon and shield you are wielding. It is not modified by the ‘type’ of weapon or shield.

asks: Can you guys please make the Harker Gauntlets dyable.
Scenario responds: Players will have access to a limited number of new colors for their Sunstone Gauntlets in November.

asks: Out of curiosity, what happened to the chicken’s combs?
Scenario responds: They are an Isparian Breed of fowl that managed to not get itself cooked while travelling through portal space (unlike the rest of the chicken we have had up to this point) 😛

asks: Where can I find the Flying Olthoi?
Scenario responds: They will be flying around in the future.

asks: (Can you) Please make “The Sage” killable by a melee.
Orion responds: At this point it is unlikely that this will change. When the quest was designed it was decided that you would need at least one character of each damage dealing bent in order to complete the quest.

asks: Some of the Gotrok Tiatus are using hollow weapons…bug?
Orion responds: The Gotrok are not bugged. They are the renegade Lugians and therefore they have access to both the Hollow Weapons and normal weapons.

asks: I don’t know how often this is asked…but any word on more storage?
Ibn responds: There are no immediate plans to increase per-player or per-house storage. (And this is asked once a week at least. Unfortunately we just do not have the resources to increase storage at this time.)

asks: Will robes ever be given a little more base al to be useful in combat again? Or am I fooling myself by hanging onto my robe collection?
Ibn responds: We’ve talked some about creating robes that are useful in combat, but nothing I can give specific details on.

says: Why isn’t Aun Tanua’s War Taiaha ivoryable?
Ibn responds: It’s not ivoryable because it can be handed in for XP. Quest items that can also be turned in tend not to be ivoryable.

asks: Will Writs ever be stackable?
Ibn responds: Probably yes, and probably soon.

asks: any chance we will see high lvl content soon?
Ibn responds: We have some ideas, some for the near future, some further off. No specifics or ETA. Unfortunately, that’s really all I can say. If you were hoping for “Yes, there will be a 100+ hunting dungeon opening in October!” I am sorry to disappoint. 8)

asks: how about mana conversion bonuses for focus stone, buarden, etc? or why not?
Ibn responds: These casters will probably not be updated until the quests that they are in are updated. Buadren is on our list of quests that need updating… Focusing Stone is not, as far as I know.

asks: (Talks about Healing skill and stuff)
Ibn responds: There are actually two different modifiers on healing kits… one affects your chance of a successful heal, the other affects the amount that you heal if you’re successful. Treated kits are particularly good at one of these two… Plentiful kits are particularly good at the other. (I thought this was very interesting. -Q)

asks: Could we add Major atlan stones to melee weeping weapons please,for different damage types?
Ibn responds: Definately something we’re looking at, although for the reasons stated (only one slot) it probably won’t be the elemental stones.

And a History question to wrap things up:

asks: Which Turbine/MS people are still around working on AC1 from before retail release?
Ibn responds: There’s exactly one member of the AC1 team who was on it pre-retail: Speed.

Until next time… see ya on the boards!

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