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Guest Writer; Konflict

I hit on one big group of Drudges. I decided to try and draw out the Cabs using my pathetic Life skills. I’m pushing Life but, being trained with a 40/10 start, getting to even a base 300 will be costly.

I got two Cabs to rush me while most of the rest just tossed spells. I resisted most of them. I think I was in melee with two Cabs and a Blood when something strange happened.

There was a spawn sound and a portal opened up directly in front of me. I had just dropped a Drudge, not sure what type, when it happened. At first I thought I had killed some special Drudge that opened up something. I had not heard of something new like that but anything was possible.

It was then that I noted I had six Tuskers pounding on me. There were four Rampagers and two Assailer. I cannot say what did it but I was suddenly at half health. It was time to extract myself from this trap.

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