Asherons Call: Zyz of Leafcull with a Double Questing Whammy!


-Zyz- of Leafcull says:

I, as Rofl, will be leading the Harbinger. We’ll gather by Issk (the Sclavus) and begin buffing at 10 AM on Saturday. Bring your skill item and turn it in before we buff.

I, as Pebble, will be leading the [A href=”http://vnboards.ign.com/Leafcull/b5155/75051221/?0″]Quest for the Fabled Paw[/a]. We gather near the cage where Twitch used to be and will begin buffing at 12:30 PM Board Time on Wednesday.

Perhaps we should start to worry when questing is reminiscent of an Asheron’s Anonymous meeting. For a complete writeup on these quests and more, check out our detailed Quest Compendium.

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