Editor's Note

Ask Not …


This is always a difficult Editor’s Note to write, the one for the issues we publish on government and games. Generally, I express some sort of opinion or experience I’ve had with a topic. This one is hard. It’s such a nuanced issue, not to mention it’s constantly changing. There’s always a new event, a new type of game, a new law being proposed.

Which is, I suppose, to be expected with the industry’s age – it’s been around long enough to attract the public’s eye. It’s not just another phase or fad. So now, everyone needs to look at it and see if it’s really good enough to stick around.

This is where we need to be really careful. Games, by the very word used to describe the genre, have a little messaging problem. Games are to be played. Children are the only ones who play (not ideally, but the Puritan work ethic demands it so).

So, we need to be a little forgiving to those who are a tad confused about, unbelieving of or unaware of the large number of adults playing games. We need to learn to speak their language. We need to learn how best to show the gaming industry, so people who are not necessarily interested in playing games can still understand the benefits. If we want them to understand us, we gotta work a little.

One does not demand respect, one commands it.


-Julianne Greer

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