Hospital, Atlus’ spiritual successor to the Trauma Center games, takes the motion-intensive gameplay of that franchise and applies it to various departments of medicine like cosmetic surgery, House-style diagnostic medicine and paramedics.

“This game is the penultimate work of the Trauma Center team,” producer Daisuke Kanada told Famitsu (thanks to 1UP for the translation). “It completes one of the goals for a medical series that we’ve been striving for before, and it’s also a wholly new title, not a sequel to Trauma Center. It’s not just a surgery game, but an entire hospital in game form.”

Hospital will feature six different characters, each with their own unique specialization and story scenarios. There’s a House-esque diagnostician who IDs health problems using a stethoscope and plain old brainpower, a brilliant surgeon who’s an ex-con, a paramedic who performs first aid at disaster scenes, a cosmetic surgeon, an endoscopic surgeon and a forensic doctor who investigates crime scenes using medicine.

No word on whether or not the cocksure Hank Freebird will manage to woo the reserved and demure Tomoe Tachibana in a Grey’s Anatomy style subplot. But I hope so.

Gameplay will presumably involve lots of waggling and, if Trauma Center is any indication, be fairly intense.

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