Nick Frost (sans Simon Pegg) is teaming up with some terrifying teenagers to fight off some less-terrifying aliens.

Alien invasion movies seem to be on a rise these days. Essentially, they’re this year’s zombie movies. Next week will see the release of Battle: Los Angeles in theaters, and we’re apparently going to see the release of Attack the Block this coming April. The film is premiering later this month at the South By Southwest film fest in Austen, TX, which means that the trailer has just been released.

So here’s the basic premise: a bunch of UFOs start crash-landing in what seems to be a seedy area of London, and some local teenaged thugs wind up working together to fight them off. Oh, and there’s a bunch of obnoxious teen posing and bragging, along with Nick Frost making a cameo appearance as one of the kids’ neighbors. The aliens, which seem to be kept largely in shadow for the trailer, look interesting, but it’s hard to pass judgment without getting a better look.

OK, so I’m assuming you’ve watched the trailer by now. Perhaps you can answer the following question: What the hell did we just watch? Is it an action-comedy? A Teen adventure film? A bizarre celebration of chav counter-culture? All I know for certain is that I wanted to see more Nick Frost and fewer of those terrifying teens.

Source: Empire Online via io9

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