A pro-R18+ petition, backed by the retailer GAME, has garnered tens of thousands of signatures.

The lack of an R18+ rating for videogames in Australia has been a sore spot for some time, and has lead to many getting toned down to fit the Mature 15+ rating, which is the highest the country has for games.

A petition for the creation of an R18+ category for however, backed by videogame retailer GAME, has managed to get 72,000 signatures. GAME plans to present the petition to a Standing Committee of Attorneys-General on May 7th, and to the Federal Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Conner.

With the recent departure of Michael Atkinson as South Australia’s Attorney-General, Australia’s chances of finally getting an adult rating improved, and this shows that there is plenty of support for an adult category in the country.

Source: Game Politics

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