Auto Assault: Road Rager of the Week: Arli!

Arli – June 11, 2007


Main Avatar:

Race & Class:
Biomek Constructor

The Steel Legion

First Name (RL):

Profession (RL):

Location (RL):
California, USA

When and How did you start playing Auto Assault?
I usually buy my games online – and one of my favorite online stores had a promotion back in September/October – buy any PC game online, get Auto Assault free. Of course, I took the offer. But when both games arrived, I decided to try AA first. The idea of it seemed interesting, and I liked Planetside well enough. That other game I bought? It’s still sitting, never played.

How did you choose you Avatar’s name?
Arli is taken from Niorlan, which is taken from my rl second name and from Naloc (another story), combined, remixed and with letters removed. My imagination’s funny that way.

Why did you choose your main Faction & Class?
I liked the story of the Meks the most. And as silly as it sounds, the way the manual described the Constructor interested me, too. Frustrating to level, but worth it in the end, since I still love playing Arli the most anyhow. I’m glad with both decisions, as it seems the healer class suits me the most, and to top it off, I love the Mek community.

Do you play solo? Why did you join a clan?
While leveling I prefer solo play. I got the missions I needed to do, done, and without having to rely on anyone else…well, until I had help with Death and missions in Ground Zero (Reboot with Death, Rep1ica with GZ missions). Now, I’ll only play solo if I can’t find someone else. About joining a clan, well, I liked a bunch of the players from The Steel Legion, so I figured I’d try to snag an invite from ’em. And luckily for me, I have, and couldn’t have found a better bunch of people to threaten not to heal and to play around with.

Do you prefer PvE or PvP?
PvP. PvE only when there’s no PvP available at the time.

Do you craft? What is your favorite crafted item (yours or others)?
I craft a teensy bit – following the line of Armor/Chassis, but mostly for somethin’ when I haven’t got anything else I want to do. My favorite crafted item? I’ve gotta say, my AMB Rig wins. Who doesn’t love how it looks? I only drive the Mozak for the stats. 😉

What is your weapon of choice?
My heals over time. 😛


What is your favorite ride?
AMB-XT Rig, can go 125mph and is a beast for ramming – the one I’ve got is courtesy of Sythen.

Which junk item do you refuse to get rid of?
I’m a packrat, so unfortunately, I’ve got no room for junk items…although, I do keep a Crunge in my locker for the odd occasion I want to push someone who’s afk into the Moat.

What is your favorite NPC & location in AA?
Don’t have a favorite NPC, but I love the Tempernet teleporters in Cinderfall.

Who is your Arch-Nemesis in AA (Player or other)?
Insi and Zorbas. Don’t get me wrong, I like and respect ’em both, but when they’re on their stealthers…well, I get a little paranoid with ’em running around, and they know it too. 😛

What is your favorite moment you’ve experienced in AA?
As silly as it sounds, probably the moment I hit 80 on Arli. I didn’t know much about a proper Constructor build at the time, but I was determined to find a way. You wouldn’t believe the questions I asked my convoy mates those first few weeks, and they should be grateful I’m as quiet as I am now. 😛

What song/genre you like to listen while playing AA?
More often than not, I’m on Ventrilo while playing AA – but when I’m not I usually listen to an assortment of sounds. Depends on the mood from time to time, I don’t have any particular favorites.

What current feature would you change in AA to make it better?
PvP in Ground Zero, of course. Some new things to spice things up’d be good, I’d especially love to see some twisters roam free, but then again, that’s just me. 😉 That screenshot of the new Xeno boss is certainly making me curious, though.

Which new AA features would you like to see in the future?
New contested zones, new content – I’d always love to see something that’s better than Tower and more challenging.

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