Auto Assault: Road Ranger of the Week

Auto Assault: Road Rager of the Week: Ellisd!


Ellisd – March 26, 2007


Main Avatar:

Race & Class:
Biomek Terminator

The Steel Legion

First Name (RL):

Profession (RL):

Location (RL):
Manchester, UK

When and How did you start playing Auto Assault?
Came across it randomly when looking for new Betas to sign up to. Looked like fun, so I signed up. Got invited to the Beta but never played due to not staying up till 3 am to play on US servers. Then began playing in ernest when the Beta hit UK shores nearly a year ago.

How did you choose you Avatar’s name?
Its a variant on my surname, just like all my alts names.

Why did you choose your main Faction & Class?
My main idea was to play a Tank class as I guessed they would be best solo, and at the start had no clan to join. The Meks just apealed to me more, though I do play my Mutie and Humans occasionally.

Do you prefer PvE or PvP?
I love both. PvP is great fun now with my Constructor even if I cant kill anyone, and my Constructor is always in demand for PvP.

Do you craft? What is your favorite crafted item (yours or others)?
Yep I craft the whole left side of the tree. My fave item has to be the Mozak, there was a mad race at one point between a few Meks trying to get to 150 Advanced Chassis, we all made it in the end but I have no idea who got there first.

What is your weapon of choice?
As much as I love the Quad Maser, my fave gun has to be the large Tower one. I picked up the original at level 30ish with my Termy, then had to wait till I hit 40 to get a chassis with a large turret. Then I used that gun all the way up to GZ. Seeing all those rockets fly out of the turret, spin about and fly into your target is such a beautiful sight 😀

What is your favorite ride?
The Gothan. Theres just no alternative. I still use my G22 with over 2000 miles on the clock. I have 2 G23s, but I dont want to swap because then I loose all the miles I have traveled in my current one.

Which junk item do you refuse to get rid of?
I get rid of all junk evetually.

What is your favorite NPC & location in AA?
Fave location is New Tocado, those poor twisted Biomutes 😀

Who is your Arch-Nemesis in AA (Player or other)?
I cant say I have any, there are some I enjoy chatting to a lot, and others I love to kill on sight, or at least try to 🙂

What is your favorite moment you’ve experienced in AA?
The last big fight on the EU server before the merge will be one of my most fun memories. Along with the Sleigh Ride event, the one time only GZ-Logan Biomek road race.

Which new AA features would you like to see in the future?
I cant wait for the Mail system. I would also like to see better rewards for the crafters, fingers crossed for Update 5.[/p]

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