Auto Assault: Road Rager of the Week: Kramer!

Kramer – February 26, 2007


Main Avatar:

Race & Class:
Biomek Terminator


First Name (RL):

Location (RL):

When and How did you start playing Auto Assault?
I started playing during the open beta weekend, and from that moment, I was sold. Although I had been keeping an eye on the game for several months, because the concept seemed really unique and appealing to me. While I’ve always liked the traditional RPGs with dwarves and swords and all that, I’ve never been in any MMO games, so this is my first. And I think I made a pretty good choice.

How did you choose you Avatar’s name?
I played lots of games over LAN with my brother, and we always used all sorts of
goofy names. Eventually we settled with two specific names, that we seem to use everywhere we go now. I picked this name becase Seinfeld was on TV one time when we played, Kramer the character is a cool dude, and I also happen to think it’s a cool name.

Why did you choose your main Faction & Class?
I don’t really know. I played a Constructor during the Beta weekend, but my first character once I bought the game was a Liutenant. Eventually I made a Terminator, and lo and behold, he became my main.

Do you prefer PvE or PvP?
If I’m in the mood and there’s enough people around, there are very few things that
can beat a great PvP session. But I also spend time farming for better items and crafting materials. 75% PvP and 25% PvE I suppose.

Do you craft? What is your favorite crafted item (yours or others)?
Yes. I started crafting as a mean to kill time while I wasn’t killing people, and I’ve got to the point where I can provide lower level people with some nice weapons. My main weapon is a crafted Incendiary MG, so I suppose that would have to be my favorite. It’s a huge power drainer though, and has 3 damage types, due to me gadgeting it under the rainbow-damage-is-king period, so Sigoya will get an order for a new one, once I find the right gadgets 🙂

What is your weapon of choice?
My Artillery Cannon, a large Battle Master turret filled with range gadgets. Raining mayhem on my enemies from afar, yeah baby!

What is your favorite ride?
I used to luuuuv the Gothan. I drove nothing but the Gothan for several months. But
I got tired of it, it’s a great tank, but it has some flaws. And I wanted a speedier chassis, so I tried the Terror, and I started liking it. Since I don’t have any decent medium turrets, my choice is restricted to large chassis, but my favorite ride is probably the C.O.R.E, a big badass monster-truck. Maybe not the “best” ride, but I love driving it

Which junk item do you refuse to get rid of?
My stack of 999 LEDs. Infact, I’m working on getting them a baby brother, a second stack of 998 LEDs.

What is your favorite NPC & location in AA?
I hardly read any of the missions, I just check the objectives and carry it out, no questions asked. There are just sooo many missions to do, stopping to read them is a waste of precious killing time to me.
I obviously like Ground Zero, as I keep coming back for more, day after day. But also the Canal and Passage instances, because they look so different to most other Biomek maps.

Who is your Arch-Nemesis in AA (Player or other)?
My computer. Or perhaps more precisely, my small amount of RAM. My computer’s a bit on the low end, so I have to play with most settings on either low or off, and I’m forced to relog every few hours to clear the memory. And I think I have either too many “arch enemies” to name them all, or can’t think of a specific one, so I will
take the easy way out on this one 😉

What is your favorite moment you’ve experienced in AA?
I have lots, most of them are related to PvP. Nothing feels better than winning a fight against impossible odds. But true, epic battles are also great fun, even if my side eventually loses. We’ll just come back for more. Or when you try different tactics and see they are really working. Or you’re standing up against 5 humans long
enough for your backup to arrive to demolish them. Or the first time you manage to solo Chariot and CCM. I could probably go on for an hour if you let me, but that guy over there is signaling that we’re running out of time.

Which new AA features would you like to see in the future?
Well AH, mail and the new skill system is coming in U4, so I hope they focus on Clan features next. Clan storage and a working clan display page specifically. And I really want to see more people in Ground Zero, but I don’t really care how we achieve that. There are lots of good suggestions on the board already, and I’m sure
the devs have some ideas too. Now that guy is telling me I have to wrap this up, so thanks for making me the Road Rager of the week, and I’ll see you all in-game :)[/p]

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