This week on Extra Punctuation, Yahtzee explains some issues of game discovery these days and then discusses why bad video games are better than bland video games.

Extra Punctuation Transcript

You know I complain a lot about how triple-A games all follow the same templates and are designed by committees and ask too much of developers and soak up all the attention and money and are overreliant on pushing the newest hardware and treat their audiences like dairy cows and suck and stymie innovation and suck and suck and suck so bloody hard, and every time I talk about it I get the same counter. “Ah, but what about indie games, Yahtz? The indie sphere teems with innovation because the barrier to entry for making and publishing games is so low these days. Yes, this does result in a constant deluge of indie games of extremely variable quality, especially on Steam, but the really good ones usually float to the top.”

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