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Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Exclusive Scarecrow Missions on PS4


New gameplay trailer shows Batmobile gameplay and its transformation into an imposing tank.

The new gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight on PlayStation 4 shows the Dark Knight gliding over Gotham, driving the Batmobile, and destroying vehicles with the Batmobile’s cannon and missile launchers. Scarecrow, who is working with the titular new villain The Arkham Knight, makes a gruesome appearance. Scarecrow is working to reunite the Rogues Gallery and destroy Batman. Batman: Arkham Knight will have exclusive Scarecrow missions on PlayStation 4.

Batman deploys the Batmobile’s new Battle Mode against the drone military of The Arkham Knight. Battle Mode was revealed in its own trailer earlier this month. The Batmobile transforms into an veritable Bat Tank, sporting a 60 mm cannon, armor-piercing Vulcan anti-tank gun, missile launchers, and a non-lethal riot suppressor that fires flexible polymer rounds.

Greg Tito got a hands-on look at Batman: Arkham Knight earlier this month. Tito says, “It certainly feels exquisitely modern in its presentation. The meld between attractive visuals and new and expanded features like the Batmobile and the open world experience in Gotham City looked truly wonderful on PlayStation 4 I played it on.”

Arkham Knight will be the last Arkham game from Rocksteady Studios. “We gave gamers that ‘World’s Greatest Detective’ experience with Arkham Asylum, that kind of intimate, very closed in setting,” says Guy Perkins, marketing game manager at Rocksteady. “Blowing that out into the open world, [in Arkham City] we gave you the ability to be the Caped Crusader.” The final game will complete Rocksteady founder Sefton Hill’s plans for the series. “Sefton’s vision has always been, ‘I need the Batmobile. Gotta have the Batmobile in my game.'”

The release of Batman: Arkham Knight has been delayed until 2015. Batman: Arkham Knight will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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