Think you’ve seen every Batman design that ever existed? Check out these fan art samplings to see if you’re right!

Batman is perhaps the most popular character of DC Comics’ entire line-up. That not only means he’s been heavily reinvented in various reboots over the years, he’s most likely to be redesigned in every single parallel universe story DC puts out (which is a lot).

But however many time travel stories and multiversal reimaginings Batman sees, he’s barely scratched the surface of what fan art can provide for him. So here are 14 redesigns of the iconic character that, if we were being honest, we wouldn’t mind seeing among his comic book pages.

Hat tip Viralnova.

He’s the hero Constantinople needs, not the one it deserves.

A new take on Batman Beyond that’s a little bit grittier than the original cartoon.

I Am The Night 2.0.

Fantasy World Batman, and his trusty bat steed, coming soon to a D&D game near you.

It’ll take more than a shot to the head to put Zombie Batman down.

Apparently even the Underworld needs a demonic Batman to keep the peace.

The Dark Knight in one his more literal forms.

The tense standoff before the fight for Gothamlot begins in earnest.

The Historical Dark Knight Returns? I can dig it.

If we had another DC Vs. Marvel crossover today, Iron Batman is clearly the Amalgam superhero we’d end up with.

Speaking personally, I don’t think Batman 2046’s color scheme works at all. But I’m not going to tell him that.

Were you not impressed with Assassin’s Creed this year? In 2015, let’s make it all about Batman instead.

Given his propensity for building custom cars? Of course Batman could be a greaser!

When his parents were killed by marauders, he swore vengeance. Donning a cape, cowl, and a whole ton of armor, he became: Viking Batman.

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