Never cheated at Solitaire? DICE wants to hire you!

Fast on the heels of a string of player hacking, Battlefield 3 creator DICE is now taking applications for an honest individual to help combat cheating in its games. A new opening on shows the company is seeking an “Anti-Cheat Administrator” to analyze player data and help promote fair play.

“In our continued effort to keep our games free from cheating, we are now looking for an internet savvy administrator,” The job posting states. “The administrator will compose an absolutely vital function to secure the online experience our games represent by actively [being] a part of the community.”

The Anti-Cheat Admin will also be expected to “keep up to date with the cheating community,” probably by lurking on websites dedicated to hacks and cheats for games like those found on Artificial Aiming. A supposedly “Junior Member” of claimed credit for a series of recent hacking incidents in Battlefield 3, where innocent players found their accounts banned from servers running BF3’s in-game anti-hacking program, Punkbuster.

So if you think you’re a fair, just and honest enough individual (or at least, you try to be), you can check out the full job listing at Monster or at DICE’s job board for details on how to apply. Just remember to tell the truth on your resume.

Source: Monster via Eurogamer

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