Battlefield 3 on Xbox Looks Awful Without HD Texture Pack

The world of non-HD Battlefield 3 is a very fuzzy place indeed.

Although Battlefield 3‘s PC graphics look amazing, things might be a little different for gamers playing the game on an Xbox. If your Xbox doesn’t have Battlefield‘s HD texture pack installed – either because you don’t have room or just don’t have a hard drive – the graphics that you’ll experience will be nothing like the gameplay we’ve seen up until now.

The attached video, recorded by WikiGamesGuide, shows what the Xbox Battlefield 3 looks like with and without the HD texture pack installed. I really don’t know what business the non-texture pack version has looking so much worse than its HD counterpart; Battlefield: Bad Company 2 didn’t look as good as the HD version of its sequel, but it didn’t need any extras to maintain graphics superior to the non-HD display.

If you’re planning on playing Battlefield 3 on an Xbox, it goes without saying that we’d recommend you make room for its HD texture pack on your hard drive. The video shows a non-HD world filled with disappearing graffiti, fuzzy tyres, floaty cardboard boxes and some generally very grainy gameplay that is to be avoided. The differences are really very stark, looking at times almost as if you’re watching a modern gameplay video compared with one from several years ago. While it has to be said that this issue probably won’t affect too many players, it does seem a little demanding. Though, that’s probably what happens when you design a console game using the PC as your lead platform.

Source: WikiGamesGuide

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