Battlefield 4 Gets New Microtransactions

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Don’t have enough time to play Battlefield 4 for the unlocks? Now you can shell out $1-$3 for a random pack.

Anyone who has spent any time with EA’s Battlefield 4 will know of “Battlepacks” – which can be best described as a random collection of unlocks awarded when players hit certain milestones (new levels, X amount of kills). Ever since their inception, players have been wondering how long it would be before EA decided to monetize them. Well now, that day has come. For the low, low price of $1, you can purchase a random pack of unlocks for your Battlefield 4 character.

“Bronze, Silver and Gold Battlepacks will be available for purchase at,, through the in-game store, at Xbox Live Marketplace and at the PlayStation Store. Pricing will be $1 for Bronze Battlepacks, $2 for Silver Battlepacks, and $3 for Gold Battlepacks.”

Just for reference, the Bronze Battlepack contains just three items, with the silver and gold ones containing an additional item, with an additional chance to be an “advanced” (rare) item, such as a knife or a 100% XP boost.

Fortunately, it’s impossible for players to get an unlock they already have (with the exceptions of the XP boosts), so you’ll never have to worry about wasting money on the packs.

With Battlefield: Hardline seemingly creeping around the corner, and the expansion packs of Battlefield 4 Premium about to come to a close, it looks like EA is now preparing to milk its BF4 playerbase as dry as it can before the next game comes around. It’s a pity, because Battlefield 4 is actually a really fun game, under all the bugs and performance issues.

If there was a “bug fix” microtransaction (pay $1 to fix 1 bug!), I’m sure that would be a more popular option for the majority of players…

Source: Battlefield Blog

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