Composer Bear McCreary performs a unique rendition of an iconic piece from Battlestar Galactica’s soundtrack.

Bear McCreary is a man of many talents. He’s worked on the soundtracks for several TV series, including The Walking Dead, Eureka, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and a multitude of short films, but he’s probably best known known for his work as composer for the 2004-2009 sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica. Judging from this video he released on his blog, he’s also a master musician with everyone’s favorite bellow-driven instrument, the accordion.

Inspired by fans who have uploaded their own performances of his musical arrangements, McCreary decided to take on “Prelude to War,” one of the “most complex and dynamic pieces [McCreary] ever wrote” for the Emmy award-winning space opera. The entire song has been lovingly recreated almost note for note using a Sennheiser MZX 8000, and McCreary is confident a full accordion orchestra would have no problem performing the song live in concert.

Sadly, McCreary stated on his blog that he doesn’t have plans to play the accordion full-time (for now, anyways), but fans of his work and Battlestar Galactica can pick up this unique track at iTunes and Amazon.


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