Bayonetta 2 on WiiU This October, Comes With First Game

This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

When the Bayonetta sequel comes to WiiU, it comes with more than we expected.

PlatinumGames second Bayonetta title will release this October and will include the first game in the series. The new version will also include call outs to other Nintendo franchises, such as the main character in a Link costume inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Samus’ armor from Metroid.

Update: We’ve added the trailer from Nintendo’s stream above and we’re including a free screen shots. The trailer shows off some of frantic combat of the game as well as a few cut scenes that are as colorful as the first Bayonetta, with plenty of talk of witches and going to hell. There were also some very cool monsters and abilities in the trailer. Following the Bayonetta 2 trailer was the WiiU version of Bayonetta 1 with the two Nintendo inspired outfits and added sound effects.


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