Beasts of Chaos

Beasts of Chaos
By: Stormwolf
This story was originally submitted to Mythic!

A deafening silence filled the air, as the two awe inspiring characters of Styrkaar and Stormgor dominated the campsite of the Slaaneshi contingent of Chaos human army. The glory of the dark prince emanated as an aura from both man and beast. The mere sight of these two creatures, both favored of Slaanesh, made all around them doubt their own senses. The sheer magnificence and unbridled beauty of Styrkaar contrasted with the unnatural perversion, and yet somehow, the perfection of Stormgor – it left no doubt in the minds of those who looked on that their masters were indeed the chosen of Slaanesh.

The silence was broken by the deep bellowing grunts from Stormgor.

“By the will of the Brayherd, I bring tribute in honour of Slaanesh!”

Styrkaar looked on in delight as droves of bound slaves were brought towards him. Not only humans from the Empire, but also Wood Elves, High Elves and Dwarves. But most surprising to Styrkaar was a large sled drawn by tuskgors, upon the sled was a bound giant that had been captured during a battle with Orcs of Bloodhorn Mountain. This tribute from the Brayherd was unsurpassed in its extravagance. Styrkaar squirmed in delight thinking of what pain and pleasures he would create.

“The Brayherd has assembled at Hergig and has been laying siege for days,” Stormgor announced. “Its walls and towers are strong and require weapons of siege that you possess.”

Styrkaar realized the reason Stormgor was here was to procure siege weapons from his army of Beastmen. Ordinarily, after such a tribute Styrkaar would not hesitate to reciprocate and order his war machines to attack Hergig. However, at that moment his war machines were desperately needed in the attack on Fort Schippel, and could not be spared. Still, Styrkaar knew that to ignore the request after such grand tribute would be an insult to the Dark Prince of Slaanesh.

“what is your answer?” groaned Stormgor.

“No.” replied Styrkaar.

Pure anger swelled inside Stormgor, his eyes burning like fire.

“However.” Styrkaar said, “I shall give you a greater gift.”

Stormgor was intrigued by these words and prompted Styrkaar for more information.

Styrkaar gestured to one of his commanders to approach him. The devout commander approached to hear the orders of Styrkaar. Suddenly the commander left his master’s presence and headed out of view, a few moments later the commander returned, whispered information to Styrkaar, and once again vanished.

“I cannot spare any siege weapons, I can however spare Six hundred and sixty six chaos warriors. I also send six of my bravest warriors to lead this force. But my greatest gift is this…”

Styrkaar presented Stormgor with a talisman, a beguiling gem, that carried with it the blessing of Slaanesh.

Stormgor roared with approval and delight. The significance of the number of warriors now joining him was not lost on Stormgor; he knew that six was the number of Slaanesh.

The two leaders exchanged one last glance, and Stormgor turned to mount his chariot and leave the presence of the most enthralling being he had ever met.

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