Best Anime and Pokémon Cosplay at MomoCon 2015 – Cubone’s Costume Is Made From Real Bones

The anime and Pokémon cosplayers at MomoCon 2015 were so dedicated to their hobby that one costume was made from a real skeleton.

MomoCon ended nearly two weeks ago, but we’ve still got one more gallery of picture-perfect cosplayers up our sleeves. We’ve already seen the best video game and hero/villian costumes, so this time we’re taking a look at some anime and Pokémon cosplayers. And since MomoCon is primarily an anime convention, you could say that today’s gallery is the most MomoCon of the MomoCon galleries.

The Escapist’s staff had a wonderful time hanging out with cosplayers, participating in panels, and poking around the show floor. We’re already looking forward to MomoCon 2016.



Allen Winn as 2P!Nyo!England. Emily Nelson as 2P!Nyo!Prussia. And Helaina Honiotes 2P!Nyo!England.

Every time I meet a Hetalia fan, they give me the same back story; someone made them watch it, and now they’re obsessed.

“My friend forced me to watch Hetalia, and now I can’t stop,” Helaina told me. “Plus, the character designs and animation are pretty cool.”

If you dig these costumes, check out Allen, Emily, and Helaina’s Tumblr pages.

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Alchemist Princess as Hatsune Miku

The crowd loved Alchemist Princess’ take on Hatsune Miku during MomoCon’s Cosplay Showcase. And I’m glad she showed up, because I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t get to see a Hatsune Miku costume.

These days, a cosplay convention isn’t complete without Hatsune Miku.


Deadman Wonderland : Ashley Thrasher as Shiro

When I asked Ashley why she chose Shiro, her answer was simple:

“I really liked her personality and her design.”

After snapping a few pictures, we watched a group of crazy-talented breakdancers cut loose in the middle of the convention hall.

If you dig her costume, you should probably follow Ashley on Instagram.



When Rilakkuma sauntered onto stage, he stopped to hug the emcee. I was worried that the audience members would get a little jealous and bum-rush the stage to collect their own hugs. Luckily, there were no hug-related injuries.

If you know who’s behind this Rilakkuma getup, let me know in the comments or on Twitter.


Darius Hill as Raichu

Meet Darius. He loves Raichu more than you love your mother. His Tumblr address even contains the words “Egotistical” and “Raichu.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Well, he obviously loves Raichu, but does he have a Raichu-branded Nintendo 3DS?”



Dylan Boxer as Edward Elric

Dylan has always been frustrated by Fullmetal Alchemist’s portrayal of Edward Elric.

“Elric is in the military,” he told me, “but he never wears a military outfit in the anime.”

So, Dylan put together a military-themed version of Elric, and the results are impressive.

If you like this, you should probably check out the rest of Dylan’s cosplay over on his Facebook Page.


Zachary Dikes as Soul Evans

The story behind this costume is a tearjerker, so buckle up.

When Zachary was a kid, he would watch Soul Eater with his brother. It was the first anime series that they really latched on to, and his brother was especially attached.

But after their parents split up, Zachary lost contact with his brother. So, at MomoCon, Zach decided to pay homage to their happy childhood by cosplaying his brother’s favorite character: Soul Evans.

Also, if you’re Zachary’s brother, you should get in contact with me. I’ll put you in contact with Zach, which would make me feel like the Montel Williams of cosplay.


Sweet Sarah as Jolteon. Canon Queen as Vaporeon. Adam Dillard as Ash Ketchum. And Emily Roxan Battle as Flareon.

Aside from Adam, every member of this cosplay crew confessed their undying love for Eevee.

“Eevee has always been our favorite,” Sarah told me. “So, when we were planning costumes for MomoCon, we just went with the ‘Eeveelutions.'”

Adam, on the other hand, based his Ash Ketchum costume on a very specific scene from the Pokémon animated series.

“My favorite scene from Pokémon is the one where Ash drags Pikachu with a rope, using a pair of rubber gloves,” he said. “So, that’s where my costume comes from.”


Hetalia: Lydia Beam as Prussia and Mitchell Parkins as Germany

I found these two wearing military uniforms in the hot Atlanta sun, but Lydia told me that Hetalia made her happy enough to offset the intense heat. Though, she was probably a little jealous of Mitchell’s sleeveless getup. I know I was.


Spirited Away: No-Face

No-Face has been a cosplay favorite for nearly 15 years, and that’s probably not going to change anytime soon. It’s a really simple costume, just a painted surface and some black fabric, but the result is perfect.

If you know the artist behind this costume, let me know in the comments or on Twitter.


Ethan Taube as Natsu Dragneel

Fairy Tail has always been one of Ethan’s favorite animes, so a Natsu cosplay seemed like an easy fit.

“I really love Fairy Tail,” he told me. “Everyone has crazy powers.”
And spiky, pink hair is cool, too.

If you like Ethan’s getup, check out his other costumes on Facebook.


Burley Mullins as The Boulder

For many cosplayers, the hobby is about transforming themselves into their favorite characters. But Burley has a different philosophy:

“Look at me, man,” he said, “I don’t have a lot of costume options. I can either be The Boulder or Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.”

If you dig this costume, let him know on Facebook.


Chris as Salamence

In my opinion, Salamence is an under-cosplayed Pokémon. Thankfully, Chris was at MomoCon, ensuring we didn’t have a Salamenceless con.

Chris’s costume was extra-perfect, because it looked like a pair of Pokémon-branded pajamas.

Nice work, Chris.


William Oritz as Jiraiya

Costuming gives William the chance to find characters that share elements of his own personality.

“I’ve always resonated with Jiraiya,” he told me. “He’s a combination of flirtation and power.”

If you dig William’s costume, check out his Facebook Page.


Artistic Doe as Kaname Madoka

Artistic Doe spent about six months constructing this Kaname Madoka costume, and it was worth the effort.

“I really loved the anime,” she told me. “And Kaname Madoka’s design is awesome.”

If you dig this, you should probably check out her Facebook Page.


Sugar Princess as Hideyoshi Nagachika. Kai as Aoba Seragaki. And Liame Cavaness as Haise Sasaki

I ran into this trio just before they went back to their room for a costume change. When I asked them why they selected these characters, they told me that each of them was individually important for one reason or another.

“We all have something in common with them,” Sugar Princess told me. “We’re emotionally attached to them.”

If you dig this, you should check out Sugar Princess’s Facebook Page, and don’t forget to follow Kai on Twitter. Plus, Liame can be found on Instagram and Twitter.


Cole Ragsdale as “Guy with Sword.” Heather Garrett as Jibril. And Alex Zagarov as Zabuza

When I approached this crew for a picture, Cole seemed hesitant but quickly decided to join the fun. After I had taken a few shots, though, he admitted that he wasn’t really in a costume. He was just carrying Alex’s sword.

Let this be a lesson to you, Cole. Always dress up. You might end up in an Escapist cosplay gallery.

Unlike Cole, Heather and Alex spend a lot of time in costume. Check out their Facebook page to see some of their work.


Brendan Womer as Yahiko

Naruto is one of the most popular franchises among cosplayers, but Brendan’s interpretation is slightly different.

“I wanted to do something unique, but I really like Naruto,” he told me. “So, this costume is the righteous version of Yahiko, the main antagonist.”

Aside from his obvious cosplay skills, Brendan is a Twitch streamer who spends a lot of time playing League of Legends. Click here to check out his channel.


No Game No Life: Eliana as Fil. Mia as Sora. And Megan as Shiro

When I asked Megan what inspired this No Game No Life cosplay, she told me that her friends shared personality traits with their chosen characters.

“We love the characters and designs,” she told me. “And each character fits with our real personalities.”

If you dig these costumes, you should probably follow Megan on Instagram.


Ty Swinson as Vegeta, and Alisha Anderson as Alisha Anderson

Ty and Alisha’s friendship was only a few minutes old when I found them dancing outside the convention center. When I asked Ty why he chose Vegeta, he said that he’s been spending a lot of time at the gym, and wanted to show off his newly minted physique.

“I’ve been getting huge into fitness lately,” he told me. “And what better way to show it off than with a prince of all Saiyans costume.”

Don’t forget to check out Ty’s Facebook page. And you should probably follow Alisha on Twitch.


Noah as Gon Hunter

Noah practically stole the show during MomoCon’s cosplay showcase. He walked out with the confidence of ten Brad Pitts and started striking poses.

This little dude has a bright future in cosplay.


Daniel Santos as Cubone

MomoCon’s Cosplayers are, by and large, very dedicated to their craft. But only one found a way to incorporate a carcass into his design.

Meet Daniel. He makes costumes out of real bones.

Obviously, most of this Cubone getup is made from foam and plastic, but the bones on his arms were obtained from a butcher. Daniel cleaned them himself, and incorporated them into his costume.

Nice work, Daniel. Your dedication is insane.

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