list of best video games to play on valentines day - monster prom it takes two florence dream daddy hatoful boyfriend fire emblem awakening lovers in a dangerous spacetime haven unpacking Valentine's Day

For some, Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to have a sweet day with that special someone. For others, it could be a reason to hold a brazen middle finger up at pink-and-red decorations and hang out with friends in protest. Whether you’re happy, sad, angry, or just in it for the candy, there is a video game to fit every Valentine’s Day lifestyle. So gather your friends, ask out your crush, or just grab that heart-shaped box of Russell Stover chocolates and get ready to feel the gaming love. Let’s talk about the best video games to play on Valentine’s Day.

A List of the Best Games to Play on Valentine’s Day

Monster Prom

This Mario Party-meets-dating sim places up to four players at a monster high school where they build skills by acting in school plays, passing tests, or skipping class to go smoke in the bathroom, all with the intent of impressing the monster of their eye. The cast includes a jock werewolf, a girlboss gorgon, a punk demon, and many more dateable NPCs, with up to 10 potential love interests in the DLC pack. Plus, there are quirky items and secret endings that make revisiting Monster Prom every Valentine’s Day a scary good time.

It Takes Two

For a game that starts with the two main characters bragging about how excited they are to be getting divorce, It Takes Two is fairly romantically charming. But while its plot is about rekindling romance, its mechanical gameplay could very much make or break your relationship, with countless minigames and platforming challenges that will require some stalwart communication, spoken and otherwise. Each mission or minigame puts half of the responsibility in each of the two players’ hands. Sometimes one could be throwing nails while the other uses a hammer; other times one person might be launching a car while the other person drives it. Whatever the task, It Takes Two will teach you and your significant other how to work together.

list of best video games to play on valentines day - monster prom it takes two florence dream daddy hatoful boyfriend fire emblem awakening lovers in a dangerous spacetime haven unpacking Valentine's Day


Florence proved that mobile gaming had the ability to tell a rich story. The game is a virtual comic with some small mechanical gameplay elements that explores its titular character’s first love and the relationship that follows. Through this romance, the game also explores parental relationships, as well as the small joys and major frustrations of growing up. Florence offers a real look at love and how we can grow during — as well as after — relationships.

Hatoful Boyfriend

If a real look at romance feels a little too personal this Valentine’s Day season, Hatoful Boyfriend might be the absurdist goofy look at love you need. Hatoful Boyfriend has players enrolling as a human in the nation’s top school for pigeons (yes, real feathered pigeons) and looking for love with one of the avian students. It’s weird, it’s wacky, and it’s a little unnerving in some spots, but if you need some goofy laughs this Valentine’s Day, it’s some weird must-play material.

Fire Emblem Awakening

While the newest Fire Emblem entry isn’t quite as focused on finding love, Fire Emblem Awakening allows the ability to ship nearly any and every one of its many party members. This was the first series entry to bring in a marriage mechanic, which allowed two characters who attained the S support rank together to become wed, which both strengthens their abilities on the battlefield as a fighting duo and also leads to the birth of their child. And if that weren’t enough love to go around, you can later recruit these children to your army and ship them with other children! The circle of life was never so fit for a Valentine’s Day gaming session.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

This indie title tackles love in more of a colorful power of friendship way, but Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime delivers on terrific multiplayer team building fun. In Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime your team of loved ones will pilot a circular vessel through space, combating Anti-Love matter and restoring good vibes to the galaxy. This cute and cozy fight for a lovely future is the perfect blend of challenging and chill, making it among the best games to play for any Valentine’s Day.

Dream Daddy

If you’ve always wanted to date a dad, Dream Daddy delivers tenfold, presenting an array of cute gay dads to date, discuss parenting with, and play a number of fun and engaging minigames with. It also boasts an impressive, diverse array of dads — and equally amazing, each has his own slew of fantastically corny dad jokes. This is a sweet dating sim title that is perfect if you’re just looking to get with a dad this Valentine’s Day.


While the game’s core mechanic is sorting out moving boxes filled with kitchen supplies, toiletries, and stuffed animals, Unpacking is actually based on the creator’s real-life story and how she met her wife. Over the course of moving from your college dorm, to a house with friends, to an apartment with a lame ex who makes you put your college degree under the bed, you’ll slowly find a throughline of the ups and downs of where life has taken you. And best yet? It has a happy romantic ending celebrating the joys of living with the love of your life.

list of best video games to play on valentines day - monster prom it takes two florence dream daddy hatoful boyfriend fire emblem awakening lovers in a dangerous spacetime haven unpacking Valentine's Day


For those looking for a story about true love (and some fun sci-fi gameplay), Haven tells the story of Yu and Kay, who have run away together to live a life of freedom on a planet known as The Source. Despite escaping, they are tracked down by some sinister figures from their past life on Apiary and forced to make several difficult decisions if they want to remain together. Haven offers an intricate narrative, some steamy romance, and plenty of exciting gameplay mechanics to keep you and your Valentine’s date engaged!

Call Of Duty / Valorant / Fortnite / etc.

For some of you out there, Valentine’s Day is just another Tuesday night, so why not work on that season pass?

We hope we’ve inspired you to take up some great Valentine’s Day games, or at least feel less pressure to feel the love this February. In any case, these are what we deem the best Valentine’s Day games to play, but be sure to let us know your favorite games to play around Valentine’s Day in the comments!

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