Editor's Note

Best of The Escapist


Some of you may notice that this is not an issue about Microsoft, as we’d promised on our calendar. When we started the process of getting interviews with several key people just after E3, we figured we might be leaving enough time to accomplish this goal. But, wow, Microsoft is a Really Big Place and there are many people one has to talk to in order to speak with one.

We are still talking to all of these people. Fingers crossed, we’re still working our way through the Maze of Microsoft after our goal and are hoping to bring Microsoft: The Profile soon to an issue of The Escapist near you.

Until then, we’ve decided to roll back the clocks and pages a bit and bring you a “Best of The Escapist” issue. We’ve pondered, hemmed and hawed, and thrown tantrums, but yes, we have decided on six of what we feel are some of the tastiest bits of journalism to come across our desktops for the past few months. Read on and enjoy.


-Julianne Greer

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