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The return to sanity.

The Escapist team arrived home from E3 well into the morning hours of Saturday, after a long, sleepless night of air travel. Many are still recuperating. Some are ailing from the excesses of one too many long LA nights; others from what is being called “The E3 Virus.” This editor suspects the two afflictions may be one in the same.

I have two things – no – three things to say to the ESA regarding E3 2006. The first: When you announce that there will be food, please, for the love of God, make sure that there will actually be food.

Second, E3 2006 had to be the best presentation of games, consoles and game industry spokespeople it has ever been my pleasure to behold. I am now positively bubbling over with excitement about what the years to come will bring to our shared pastime – on all platforms. To the ESA I say “Thank you.”

The last thing I would like to say to the ESA regarding E3 is this: Please get over Los Angeles; I have. That is all.

Those who are interested in news and reviews from the largest, most widely attended gaming industry conference in the world can find write-ups and impressions from The Escapist staff at The Escapist Lounge. We’ll also be bringing you our special Escape From E3 issue of The Escapist next week (after we all return from doing just that), but for this week we’re proud to present a selection of our favorite articles from issues past.

So heat up a cup of soup, curl up in a warm blanket and catch up on some fantastic pieces of videogame journalism you may have missed the first time around.

-Russ Pitts

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