Before The Third is even out, THQ spokesman Danny Bilson reveals Volition is working on a new Saints Row.

Ever since the first game came out in 2006, Saints Row has always been known for its over-the-top open-world mayhem. The third game in the series – imaginatively subtitled The Third – is slated to drop next week and it doesn’t deviate from encouraging random acts of murder across the new city of Steelport. According to THQ, the publisher of the series developed by Volition, is committed to giving the fans exactly what they want. The screenwriter Danny Bilson, now mouthpiece of THQ, said Volition is already working on Saints Row 4 and it’s even crazier than The Third.

“Like any game, when you have a great creative core to it, you just keep exploiting that core,” Bilson said. “Mining it, and digging into it. For instance, I know what Saints Row 4 is about, and it is wilder than this one.

“It’s a good example of taking what you have and saying, ‘Well what will happen to them next?'” he continued.

So far, I’ve enjoyed running over pedestrians while driving a pink car with bright green rims, wearing a bunny suit, and singing 90s pop punk in an unintelligible zombie voice. If the next game is even more crazy, that sounds pretty good to me.

Saints Row The Third is out on November 15th on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: G4TV

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