Bionic Commando Lunchbox with Pre-Orders


Game Crazy’s ultra limited pre-order promo lands you an awesomely stylish retro lunchbox adorned with Capcom’s cybernetics-enhanced swinging man-machine.

Anyone who had a cool metal lunchbox back in the day – plastered with Star Wars, GI Joe, Batman, Mr. T, Transformers, My Little Pony or some other iconic 80s kid toys – may find their stomachs grumbling with nostalgia over Game Crazy’s latest deal. The new, modern Bionic Commando game won’t be launching for many more months, but pre-ordering the title now lets you snag a metal lunch holder sporting 8-bit era Bionic Commando goodness. It’s arguably the best lunchbox ever.

The limited Bionic Commando collector’s item proudly wears the NES game box art on its lid and features in-game level scenes plastered around the sides. The back is printed with the following communication: “Current intel suggests that this lunchbox is rad.” There’s no arguing with that.

Game Crazy notes the lunchbox will only be available while supplies last, which likely will not be for very long. For an up-close and personal look at this retro lunch masterpiece, here are more pics. If you’ve been on the fence about pre-ordering the game, this should be more than enough incentive to take the plunge.

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