The best way for one game designer to propose to another is, of course, with a custom-made message in Minecraft.

You thought you’d be able to get through Valentine’s Day with your “bah humbug” cynicism intact. Like many of us, you might have stacked up a pile of games you were ready to play tonight, let tradition and Hallmark platitudes be damned. Your significant other may have complained, to which your response might have been something like, “Come on, that’s what the normals want you to say. We don’t have to be romantic on their schedule. Plus, all those naked baby angels are creeping me out.”

Then, against your better judgement, you click on a news story with BioWare and Minecraft in the title and you watch the video. Aww, “We build worlds together,” the first sign reads, “Let’s fill them with life.” The first person view keeps running up the mountain until you finally get a glimpse of molten lava spelling out, “Marry me?” How can your cold, dark heart resist the fires of liquid hot magma?

I don’t know which BioWare developer proposed to the other (her name is apparently Heather) yesterday, but I wish them all the best in their future together. And damn it, if that wasn’t the geekiest/sweetest marriage proposal I’ve heard about in a long while, way better than that Star Wars guy or even the coder who proposed in Perl:


Happy Valentine’s Day, Escapists!

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