BioWare produce Michael Gamble has Tweeted a survey he says will help the Mass Effect 4 team make it “the best one yet.”

Considering how things turned out with Mass Effect 3, the last thing you might expect a company like BioWare to do is look to the franchise’s still steaming fans for direction on where to take the series next. That being the case, the company has recently reached out through Twitter looking for gamers willing to offer up their two cents about what’s important to them as development of Mass Effect 4 moves forward.

More specifically, producer Michael Gamble has Tweeted out a survey that he’s asking fans to fill out in order to help the new game’s team “make the next Mass Effect game the best one yet.” The survey itself contains a variety of questions inquiring after player’s gaming habits, what’s the important to them in RPGs and which element of the original Mass Effect trilogy mattered most to them. One can only imagine how many “not messing up the ending” responses they’ll receive.

Oddly enough, the survey also asks about participants’ involvement in cosplay. Granted, there has been a lot of excellent Mass Effect cosplay over the past few years, but it strikes as a tad curious to us that BioWare would be interested in a questionnaire supposedly aimed at improving the next chapter in the saga of Mass Effect. Go ahead and take the survey and what questions you think BioWare should be asking for Mass Effect 4.

Source: Twitter

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