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But, for now, sit back and enjoy:

The birth of a Dragoness


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Lila hid her eyes from Raithe as he entered her chamber. Too much in her thoughts of late needed to be hidden, from the council, and most definitely from Raithe. She felt safe behind the dark mahogany desk from which she gave her orders to the council of scholars, like there was a barrier between them, something that she could hide herself, and her feelings behind.

He watched her discomfort with dark, unreadable eyes, and waited in silence for her to speak. When she did not, he crossed the room to stand directly before her, and knelt, so that his eyes were level with hers.

“Lady Lila?” He spoke in little more than a whisper, and his tone, and his proximity to her made Lila shudder, “Has someone upset you?”

A small smile came to her lips as Raithe spoke the words, he was dedicated as her guardian, of that she had never doubted. Slowly she shook her head.

“No, Raithe, I’ve just had a lot on my mind of late,” she said with a small smile, “Many things, some that the council will not be pleased about.”

“But you are Protectress,” He said simply, “It does not matter what they do, and do not like, your word, is law.”

It is not that simple,” Lila said with a small sigh. Relationships between her people, the Eleth’briel, and humans were taboo. Those who ignored this unwritten rule were shunned by their peoples, she had seen it before. Her best friend, Morgaine was what they called a “half-caste”, his parents had ignored the rule, and as a result his mother had been demoted from the Keeper of Knowledge at the Library in Hartia, to a simple scribe. She had lost all her standing within the society. Now Lila was the Forest Protectress she could not be seen to go against one of her people’s oldest rules, even if Raithe did want her.

“Shall we take a ride, Lila?” He asked softly, “I think you need a little time away from your desk.”

Lila rose without a word. He was right, she did need to get away from her desk, and from all the worries that plagued her. Raithe smiled slightly, and then turned to call for their horses to be readied. Lila watched him as he moved across the room with a smile on her face. It warmed her heart just to look upon him.

“Let’s go,” He said, and scooped her cloak up from the chair that she had thrown it on. He placed it carefully around her shoulders, and fastened it carefully at her throat with a polished gemstone pin. Lila felt a blush rising in her cheeks, and turned her head from him to hide it. Noticing her movement, Raithe pulled back from her.

“I’m sorry, my lady, have I done something wrong?” Hastily LIla shook her head.

“No, Raithe, I’m sorry, I’m just preoccupied,” She lied and led the way out of her chambers, and into the main council building.

Outside, her horse, Belalia waited beside Drakan, Raithe’s horse, they were held by a small groom from the Military camp, asked to care specifically for their horses by Andronin, the newly crowned King of all the tribal lands, a man who had long been a close friend of Lila’s. Raithe helped her into her own saddle, before he mounted his own horse, and led Lila away from the camp.

As soon as they turned away from the rough camp road, Lila knew where he was taking her. She followed silently as they crossed the threshold of the ancient forest, and urged Belalia on silently as they moved deeper, and deeper into the forest.

He came to a halt as they emerged from the dark forest in a small manicured clearing. At its heart was an engraved disk of dark marble. She had stood there once before. On the day she had undertaken her initiation as the Forest Protectress. The ceremony had almost killed her. A jealous council member had attempted to take her place, the wound in her shoulder blade still ached, even though it had been years since that day. She had been saved, by a Silver backed wolf and his pack. She still watched for him every time she entered the forest, but she had seen no sign of him since that day.

“Why did you bring me here?” Lila asked, her eyes misting. She had not been able to bring herself back to this place since the initiation ceremony.

“You needed to come back here,” He said lowly, and dismounted, leaving Drakan to roam free in the clearing.

“There was a wolf,” Lila said as she dismounted, “on the day, he saved me.”

Grimly, Raithe nodded, and then followed her as she crossed the clearing toward the ceremonial disk.

“There was something in his eyes,” she said emotionally, “anger, and longing, It frightened me, and gave me comfort all at the same time.”

Lila came to a halt as her feet fell upon the polished stone. Tears welled in her eyes.

“I have looked for him every time I have come anywhere near the forest, to thank him…” She sobbed.

“Lila…” Raithe took her in his arms, and she went to him without fight, “He was angry, because he did not reach you in time to stop you being hurt.”

Lila swallowed hard, and raised her tear stained eyes to meet Raithe’s.

“How do you know…” Raithe shook his head.

“Don’t listen to me,” He said softly and stroked her hair, “But he doesn’t want, or need your thanks, being near you is enough.”

Lila pulled back from him sharply. The look in his eyes took her breath away.

“I’m sorry…” Raithe pulled back from her, but Lila clasped his hand desperately.

“Raithe, It was you, wasn’t it…” She whispered, “I don’t know how I know, but I do…”

Slowly, with eyes that burned with longing, he nodded.

Emboldened by the way he looked upon her, and the love in her heart blocking out all thought of consequence, Lila reached her fine boned hand to caress his cheek, then slowly she raised herself onto her toes to kiss him.

As her lips touched his her mind was bombarded with images, all of them included Raithe, and in each one her heart ached with love for him.

“Aeike,” He breathed, “I have been your servant since the days of the eldaar, and I will remain by your side, as your guardian, until the day you remember, and long after.”

“You were never my servant, Raithe,” She whispered, recognizing her name from her first life with him, “But you have always been my love.”

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