Diablo fans with a jones for fresh art and screenshots can help get the process rolling by giving the game some love on Facebook.

It’s been more than ten years since we last trekked across the lands of Sanctuary in Diablo 2 and with a launch date for the sequel still unannounced, it’s no wonder that people are champing at the bit for whatever crumbs and nuggets of information about the game they can get. That’s a fact that the Diablo team doesn’t mind taking advantage of as it tries to stick it to its World of Warcraft counterpart.

“The Warcraft Facebook page recently hit one million who ‘like’ it and rubbed it in our faces,” it wrote on the Diablo Facebook page. “We know there are millions of Diablo players out there, and to take the fight back we have some incentives all lined up. Beginning at 550,000 ‘People Like This’ of the Diablo Facebook page we’ll post new art and screenshots, and for every 25,000 additional page ‘likes’ we receive after that up to 1million. Let’s do this!”

It’s a fairly simple proposition, with the obvious caveat that not everyone is a fan of Facebook, particularly hardcore gamers. Then again, as BlizzPlanet pointed out, the Diablo franchise is hugely popular despite the decade of neglect and more than 11 million people duke it out over, Blizzard’s online gaming service. With numbers like that, a million “likes” shouldn’t be be a big deal at all.

At last count, the Diablo Facebook page had just broken 545,000 likes, so there’s still a way to go before Blizzard starts coming across with the goods. Pitch in and do your part at

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