Blizzcon 2008

BlizzCon 08: StarCraft 2 Lore and Art Panels


Every Blizzard game has its own dose of lore. It’s what sets the games apart, makes them engaging to the user, and draws out some of the fans who take it a little too far (one fan asked how Protoss reproduce)! Aside from StarCraft 2’s lore panel being a weird-fest (one fan asked how the Protoss reproduce, again) there weren’t any atom bombs as far as storyline revelations. What was there to learn? Small tidbits, but interesting nevertheless.


Chris Metzen and Andrew Chambers presided over a brief introduction of StarCraft 2 characters new and old. Among those new to the lineup are Dr. Ariel Hanson, Gabriel Tosh, Swann, and Valerian Mengsk. Some of these characters were outlined previously but weren’t fully fleshed out. Now they most definitely are.


Probably the two things that should be taken away from these two panels of real interest are that Metzen mentioned that Nova will probably be making an appearance in StarCraft 2 and that the Xel’Naga will play some role, as expected.
When pressed about their thoughts of the Trilogy announcement, Metzen responded that he felt it really enabled them to give the game the grandeur it deserves. “As a fictional event we can make it like the coolest science fiction thing ever seen in a videogame,” he said, “The freedom is amazing, and you guys are really going to see it.” I certainly hope we do see it, and without what sounds like pay-for-play.

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