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BlizzCon 2014 Day 1: Orcs And Archangels


Heroes and villains from World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo and more flood the halls at BlizzCon!

The Escapist‘s own intrepid Ross Lincoln is marching through the halls (and agonizing through the lines) of BlizzCon, but he’s sent back a plethora of incredible cosplay for those of us at home. Check out the painstakingly detailed World of Warcraft Tier sets, ethereal Archangels, wily Treasure Goblins and even some Hearthstone cosplay! Let’s dive into the Day 1 highlights, and stay up to date with all the announcements and previews with our BlizzCon 2014 coverage!

Let’s start with a classic Orc! I hope the Horde has dental coverage! Check out those tusks.

blizzcon 23


blizzcon 25 gazlowe

Gazlowe is ready for the new Goblins vs Gnomes expansion for Hearthstone!

blizzcon 21 sohail thaker as gromash

Sohail Thaker stands ready to lead the Orcs as Grommash Hellscream.

blizzcon 6

My mind boggles that there is already incredible Overwatch cosplay out there.

blizzcon 24

Widowmaker is obviously colluding with that cuddly looking zerg. Watch out, BlizzCon!

blizzcon 22

This Draenei is ready for whatever you can throw at her!

blizzcon 20 the horde vs evangelists

The Horde takes on some evangelists. I know which banner I’d flock to!

blizzcon 19 crowd photo

Lumberjack Uther towers over the assembled heroes. Do you think he’d do Movember?

blizzcon 14

Don’t mess with this Marauder! Look at all those kill marks!

blizzcon 18 crowd photo

What a crowd! Do you think we have enough to run a 40-man raid? Don’t miss the Ghost in the back!

blizzcon 17 crowd photo

There’s a fantastic Hearthstone cosplay hiding in that crowd!

blizzcon 11

That stare is as cutting as that scythe!

blizzcon 16 crowd photo

The wings of the archangels soar majestically over the assembly.

blizzcon 15 crowd photo

Quick, Illidan! Get in there and get after that Treasure Goblin!

blizzcon 13

Check out the detail on that Crusader’s armor!

blizzcon 10

From head to toe, this Imperius cosplay is nothing but power and pride.

blizzcon 12

Walk softly and carry a Corrupted Ashbringer.

blizzcon 9

Once sighted, no prey can escape that bow!

blizzcon 7

An imposing Death Maiden approaches.

blizzcon 3

This worgen and draenei are fast allies.

blizzcon 8

A couple bolts from that hand crossbow should slow that Treasure Goblin down!

blizzcon 5

A picture perfect Tier 2 Paladin.

blizzcon 2

Incredible Velen cosplay! See more on Twitter by FlyDraenei.

blizzcon 1

This blood elf is radiant! Check out those gravity-defying eyebrows!

blizzcon 4

Stunning cosplay of a Warcraft 3 Blademaster and a Diablo III Demon Hunter.

blizzcon 011 susan as tier two paladin with judgment armor

Susan’s Tier Two Paladin with Judgement Armor is perfect. Look at the detail on those pauldrons!

blizzcon 014

The ancient cosmic struggle of Diablo continues at BlizzCon!

blizzcon 013

A closer look at that positively gruesome Abomination!

blizzcon 012 sonya from heroes of the storm (middle) tier 13 mage wow (right)

Sonya from Heroes of the Storm teams ups with a Tier 13 Mage, who gave a shout out to Arms, Armor, and Awesome Cosplay.

blizzcon 010 fleet master firallon and warlock tier 5 corruptor

What a duo: Fleet Master Firallon and a Warlock wearing the Tier 5 set Corruptor Raiment.

blizzcon 09 vindicator yrel

Vindicator Yrel stands firm.

blizzcon 04

A Witch Doctor with a towering Gargantuan zombie!

blizzcon 07


Sorry, I got distracted.

blizzcon 08

An absolutely intimidating Thrall!

blizzcon 02

This crusader doesn’t stand for any guff from Diablo.

blizzcon 03

A classy Hunter sporting Gronnstalker’s Armor and an amazing Akil’zon cosplay.

blizzcon 06

Those eyes glow with malice! Is that an Arakkoa, or just someone with a Time-Lost Figurine?

blizzcon 01 jason and jennifer as priest and death knight

Jennifer and Jason are questing across BlizzCon as a Priest and Death Knight.

blizzcon 05 crusader white armor

This stunning white armored crusader stands ready to battle the forces of Hell.

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