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Blizzcon 2014 Day 2: Genderswapped Blingtron and Pimp


Day two of Blizzard’s big weekend was a showcase for some of the best and craziest cosplay you’ll see in 2014.

If you weren’t in Anaheim over the weekend, you missed out on Blizzcon 2014, and for that, I’m sorry. Not only did it see the reveal of Overwatch and footage from the Warcraft movie, but the cosplay was insane, just absolutely bonkers good. Obviously, you should have already checked out our day one cosplay gallery, which must mean you’re ready for day 2. So here you go!

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Not only did fans create beautiful versions of humanoid characters as well as adorable crafted accessories – oh, and also an amazing Blingtron – but that’s just the appetizer. Near the end of this gallery you’ll see two of the most spectacular costumes I’ve ever personally seen up close. Read on, and enjoy.

valeera red hood

Valeera in red hood

This excellent Valeera is by Cat Gunn. Follow her on twitter: @mystikgunn


valeera red hood

Malthael from Diablo 3 and a Troll

I wasn’t able to talk to these two to confirm, but that looks like a troll on the right, anyway. Incidentally, this is probably the only place on the main floor of Blizzcon well-lit enough to actually take a decent photograph.

countess von kerrigan

Countess von Kerrigan

This mind-blowing costume is by Maghia Cosplay. Check out her Facebook page or her Twitch for more.

custom made characters

Two adorable custom-made costumes.

These two, as it turns out, had only just met when I asked to take this photo. Serendipity!

valeera red hood

Blood Elf

What else can you say except this Blood Elf costume is adorable and terrifying.

orc death knight i think

Orc Death Knight

This awesome get up was made by Lil’ Red Cosplay. See much more on her Facebook page.

valeera red hood

Undead Mage

I’m especially impressed by the make up detail.



If only pandas in real life could kick so much ass.

treasure goblin

Treasure Goblin

In a weird coincidence, I lost one of the chargers for my camera’s battery shortly after taking this photo. OR IS IT A COINCIDENCE???

lor'themar theron and sylvanas windrunner

Lor’themar Theron and Sylvanas Windrunner

These great costumes brought to you by Owen Lord and Dawn Bright.

don't know

Onyxia and a Rogue

Christmas came early to Orange County this year. This isn’t the only Santa Great Father Winter hat I saw.

genderswapped malfurion stormrage

Genderswapped Malfurion Stormrage

AKA “Malfuriana,” this costume is by Jessica Evans. She wanted to direct people to her WoW guild, Shade of Arrows, so go follow them on Twitter.

Don't know this one


Here’s a Draenei on her lunch break.

i think she said blood knight pack silvermoon

Blood Knight Pack with a Phoenix pet.

We saw Susan yesterday when she was dressed as a Tier Two Paladin with Judgement Armor. Another amazing costume.

members of gruesome twosome


This band won the 2013 talent contest and were invited back this year to perform as part of the Blizzcon festivities. Check out their official site.

noble garden quester and great father winter

A Noble Garden Quester and Great Father Winter

The Quester is the work of Alikia Cosplay (check out her Facebook page), and Father Winter is N00b 0f War.

diablo 3 unicorn whimsy shire

Diablo 3 Unicorn

At last, a visit from Whimsyshire!

not sure about this one

Nova in Roller Derby Skin

Hell yes this costume rules.

crusader from reaper of souls

Crusader from Reaper of Souls

This is the work of Davey Goff. It’s a giant hulking monstrosity of greatness.

transitional jack frost

Transitional Jack Frost.

This costume is the work of Frostplay. Check out her Facebook page for more.

quest giver first

Paris Azarvand has a quest for you. You need to head over to her Etsy page, Spacewarp Emporium.

quest giver first

Blood Elf Priest

This costume is the work of Calvin Allen. Go follow him on twitter!

nero larper

This is an original costume by member of the Kalamazoo branch of the NERO LARPing organization. Check out their official site!

nero larper 2
ghost kerrigan

Ghost Kerrigan

Ghost Kerrigan brought to you by Skyrimfox Cosplay.

genderswapped blingtron and pimp

Genderswapped Blingtron and Pimp

Rainyia Cosplay really went all out on this one. Her pimp even had a roulette wheel app, and she dispensed prizes when people won.

naga siren

A Naga Siren

This is by Amy Dunlap. When you’re done gaping at how incredible this outfit is, head over to Living Art Cosplay and see more of her work.

yu'la cellestial battlepet


This cellestial battlepet imagined as a raver comes courtesy of Ann Barwig. Follow her on Twitter.

crazy bird thing



Seriously, amazing work. Unfortunately, the genius who made it didn’t speak English and didn’t have an interpreter, but if she’s reading this, I bow before your awesome might.

remote control turtle

Adorable remote control turtle

This little guy was scurrying around the convention hall lobby near the end of day two. I had no choice but to prove it existed and bring back said proof to you. You’re welcome.

contest winner one

Grand Empress Shek’zeer

This take on the corrupted ruler of the mantid from Pandaria won the costume contest on Friday night, with good reason. Unfortunately, she injured her ankle in the green room, but she still managed to tough it out and show off this incredible work on day two. Amazing.

contest winner two

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