BlogJam of the Week: Mecha-SonyApple


So here’s how the story goes: Sony’s got this shiny, new PS3 website, which really is spectacular. Well worth the billions of Yen the company just had to borrow from just about every bank in Japan to keep the PS3 debacle swimming.

Now, since Sony doesn’t care much for keeping people informed, there’s nothing really on this new site except some pics and the usual “Hey we haven’t announced anything yet, so there’s nothing to see here” press release-type-stuff. But you know how people are, some net-bound doofus has been hitting refresh all day on that site, hoping, yearning for something new to appear.

And this one time, at band camp, it did.

JoystikwithaQ, OtakuwithaK and just about everyone else has been reporting their little hearts out about the mysterious Apple icon that appeared, briefly, on the PS3 site’s front page Flash animation.

Sony claims they’ll be making an announcement someday, Apple isn’t returning anybody’s calls, and none of the near-limitless possibilities of this situation have managed to save what has been, for all intents and purposes, one of the slowest news weeks in gaming since the last slow news week in gaming.

What could it be? Is Apple buying Sony? Sony buying Apple? Will the two be combing their powers to form some huge, Mecha-SonyApple? Or did somebody finally give up on the George Foreman Grill-style PS3 shell and call somebody at Apple for help?

We may never know, but rest assured that if there’s even a shred of news to be wrung out of this situation, the bloggers will be there to save us all from our ignorance.

This week, I’m awarding an “E” (for everyone) to anyone who cares to come pick it up. We’re on the 2nd floor. I’ll leave it at the reception desk.

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