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http://www.escapistmagazine.com/forums/read/6.37197” title=”” target=”_blank”>In response to “Confessions of an MMOG Cross-Dresser” from The Escapist Forum: When I played World of Warcraft, I did make a bunch of female characters.

I mean, why not? The option is right there on the character creation screen. When I make a characters for these games, I usually just think for myself an outline for a character, and then make and play it. Male or female, I give them both equal opportunity. I don’t prefer playing one over the other, all of this is just aesthetics to me.

– Meophist

In response to “The Rise and Fall of Troika” from The Escapist Forum: How many games have been released that should not have been in their current state? A lot.

I’m very naive when it comes to publisher/developer contracts, but it would make sense to me that each has a percentage of the profits from the game. So why isn’t there a situation where the developer can go over budget and deliver the product late with penalties? …or is there? Like, for every month after the supposed date, you get less 0.X% from the profits. Also, all profits go to the publisher until all developer expenditures over the budget amount are repaid.

Either the publishers have to change the way they operate or the developers need stick to their guns and not be so desperate to sign with whoever is willing. I would love nothing more than to see talented people developing successful games on small budgets and small teams. Who says that a successful game has to have a huge budget and an army of developers? … Publishers?

– Echolocating

In response to “Local Hero” from The Escapist Forum: Localization is always something that core fans have had a love/hate relationship with, particularly when it comes to anime. Personally, I think that localization has gotten a lot better in the past 5 years than ever before, and with games as magnificently localized as Final Fantasy XII, it just goes to show how far localization has come in terms of quality control and balance.

It’s understandable when there are liberties that are taken to make something more understandable to an audience, but its another thing when it could have been better. Games like Final Fantasy XII, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Kingdom Hearts II make me smile when it comes to awesome localization, but some games just don’t shine as brightly as others, and its hard to distinguish what it was that made it murkier. Is it the gameplay? The voice acting? The script? The game itself? In the end, it’s mostly the overall package that decides the quality of the game, but its the localization that’s key to that extra shine.

By the way, though its a well known fact that the Japanese version of Phoenix Wright has both the English and the Japanese versions, why is it that it takes so long for a Phoenix Wright title to get overseas if its already finished? What’s taking so long? I mean, will the American version have this feature? What’s the deal?

– Darkpen

In response to “Nintendo Sued Over Wii Wrist Strap” from The Escapist Daily: Upon using a device you should read the instructions. Before powering a game, you get a notice to place your wrist within the strap and tight it. If the game requires the Nunchuk to play, it says to insert the strap in the loop before playing. I’ve played a lot with the Wii and never did it ever slip. I just don’t see how people can be throwing around their controller like it’s a baseball.

– Sokaku

In response to “Nintendo Sued Over Wii Wrist Strap” from The Escapist Daily: When Nintendo decided to put a strap on the product it basically made consumers believe there was a promise behind it: if you let go of your controller this will keep it from flying across the room. When people do stupid things they look to blame other people. A broken strap leads to an easy target: a faulty product.

– Blaxton

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