Lego toys + heavy metal music + insane creativity = brilliance.

There are a lot of absolutely amazing stop-motion videos made with Lego toys, including versions of the new Oscar nominees and crazy action shoot-outs. This new short, “BUILD!”, is easily one of the better ones to appear on the Web.

There’s not really a huge plot to this short: A dwarf (?) is chopping trees down in the forest when his axe is struck by lightning, which gives him to change the Lego world around him. It’s bizarre and strange and brilliant as anything I’ve ever seen made from Lego toys. I particularly enjoyed how he starts strumming his axe like a guitar (in time to the heavy metal music soundtrack).

If I didn’t know this was a fan-made video, I probably would’ve assumed that it was an ad made by Lego. “BUILD!” is impressively made, but what’s more impressive is the sheer imagination that’s used to create the original creatures/constructs that appear. If you enjoyed this movie, Paganomation has a slew of other Lego videos on their YouTube channel that you should definitely check out.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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